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Facebook and Instagram Marketing

Email and Messenger Marketing

Email and Messenger Marketing

Google and Youtube Marketing

e-Commerce Consulting and Strategy

Our Approach

Our Approach

We sift through and analyze an accumulation of data by breaking it down to identify and overcome any possible risks. We believe this will make waves of impact and drive real growth for businesses.


Data Driven

Our intention is to gain objectivity and catch up on the latest trends through internal metrics we have built.


We’re obsessed with attracting the right audience to the right brands.

Conversion & Monetization

The aim is to provide a positive pre and post customer experience to maximise ROI.

Multi Platforms Marketing

We use an array of platforms as we have employed multiple expertise in each division.

Creating Impacts

RPG assists you with achieving the next level of growth. After much analysis and preparation, we will carefully construct an action plan which includes a new page design and paid social or partnerships with brands or individuals that will compliment your business.


There are unlimited ways and strategies that are accessible to grow your brand and revenue simultaneously. Because of you, we get to combine our passion and expertise whilst assisting you!


& more

Meet The Fam

We are definitely a diverse bunch! We’re a combination of geeks, scientists, wizards, ninjas and jokers - one thing’s for sure, all of us have creativity coursing through our veins. We practice positivity and continuous improvement over everything else! 


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Generate traffic that drive measurable results and maximized visitor actions by combining growth strategy & data optimization


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