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Join Our Family!

We are a team of 100+ individuals in Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines. The RPG team is dynamic, innovative and dedicated with a strong desire to problem-solve collaboratively. With a grand mission and bigger dreams, we’re looking for hungry, fearless, like-minded people to join us.

If you're looking for an energetic, fast-paced environment where your every action can and will impact the brand, come join RPG Commerce and learn and grow with us!


University architecure

Reach for the stars

Be daring, but not reckless. Challenge the status-quo, ask the right questions

Overachieving standards

Never settle for mediocracy, while always applying the 80-20 principle


We prioritise our customers in all decision making

Kick ass collaborator

We're in this together and always collaborating and communicating efficiently. Over-communicate > under communicate

Eager for success

Go above and beyond - strive to do more than expected. Always knowing where we stand and where we want to be

Taking charge

Have extreme ownership, and always take full responsibility

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